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Video is the most effective way to engage an audience, and get them to know, like, and trust you.


I help businesses, instructors, and entrepreneurs use digital media to engage, persuade, and educate their audience.

I’m an award-winning television producer, writer, director, host, videographer, and video editor who’s been making professional media of all kinds for close to 30 years.

I’ve produced, written, directed, hosted, and narrated educational projects, documentaries, sponsored television campaigns, and dramatic series for both national broadcast and online.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve expanded into 3-D animation and game development through my production company.

I’ve also been a professional actor for more than 20 years. My credits include the recurring role of Mr. Armstrong – athletics coach and teacher on the hit teen drama series, Degrassi.

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My media production career started in Toronto, Canada at the tender age of 8 when I badgered my parents into getting me a cassette tape recorder (remember those things?) for Christmas. I needed the tape recorder for the audio-only sequel of Star Wars I was producing with the neighborhood kids. I guess I was destined to be a media creator.

After earning my honors degree in broadcasting in the late 1980s (yikes!), I quickly entered the television industry. I started my professional career as a researcher, and writer for a science documentary television series.

Over the next dozen years I would go on to produce, write, direct, host, and narrate a wide variety of television projects, for both children and adults – from educational videos, to television dramas, to corporate-sponsored national television campaigns.

Screengrab of video explaining nuclear fission
Me explaining nuclear fission on the award-winning TV show, Inquiring Minds.

My most notable project is a TV series I co-created, co-produced, and co-hosted called, Inquiring Minds. It was a science show that took a light-hearted approach to explaining life’s most puzzling, everyday mysteries. The series was sold around the world, and earned several awards, including two Gemini nominations (Canadian equivalent of an Emmy Award), and an Alliance for Children’s Television Award for Best Information Program.

Photo of camera operator
In the middle of shooting, Spynet, a nationally-broadcast TV/Web series.

By 2001, I had branched into “edutainment” – writing, producing, directing, shooting, and editing 126 episodes of an interactive TV/Web series for teens called, Spynet.

In the last few years I’ve expanded into 3-D animation, and game development through my production company. I’ve also been a professional actor for more than 20 years. My most recognizable role is the recurring character of Mr. Armstrong, on the hit teen TV series, Degrassi. You can IMDB me.

Screengrab from Warehouse 13
Center, playing a professor in the Science Fiction TV series, Warehouse 13.

When not creating media to engage, persuade, and educate, I can be found playing my most important roles: husband and dad.

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Michael Kinney

Michael is an award-winning media creator with close to 30 years of professional production experience.

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